Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges.
I don’t have to show any stinking badges!
– The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

In 1976, George Lefont sojourned to NYC to check out the ongoing Warner Brothers retrospective at the Metro Theater.
Little did he know at that time, this would be the beginning of a beautiful 41 year friendship. After seeing lines of crowds around the block
for the screening of THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, he knew the movie business was for him.

As a Berkley alum from San Francisco, he found his way to the South and sought to start a new business after
careers in accounting, computer software and management consulting.

He opened his first theater, THE SILVER SCREEN at the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center on Oct. 21, 1976 with CASABLANCA and never looked back.

41 years later Lefont Theaters represents a major character in Atlanta’s film history.

We look forward to seeing you at the movies and hope you enjoy our new website celebrating our passion for films and storytelling, as we continue to connect to YOU, our
loyal movie going audiences who have supported us for all of these years.

There are 2 question people often ask George, what brought him to Atlanta, and his reply remains the same…”He came here for the water.”
Secondly, what is he going to do once he retires? “Watch movies.”